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4 Tips To Note for A Healthier Back

Here are our 4 tips to maintain a healthier back which will improve your posture and mobility:

1. Stay Rehydrated.

If the discs behind your back become dehydrated, this will cause them to shrink which will possibly cause bulging and rupture.

2.  Exercise

It has been noted through studies that 30 minutes of exercise a day even if its brisk walking helps to prevent back pain.

3.  Footwear

Wearing your soles of your footwear on one side can cause uneven posture.  Wear comfortable and spongy footwear that offers bridge support

4.  Bed

If you are aching in pain as soon as you wake up it is a sign that you must invest in a good quality mattress and and a firm pillow that doesn’t prop your head up at angle.

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